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The Keg King keeps a large inventory of Kegs at all times.  Is there  a beer or size you want and we don’t have it? Please contact us at 954-204-4211 and we will be able to get you the beer you love most.




1/2 kegs, 15.5 Gal, 124 16oz Beers or 165 12oz beers
50L Kegs, 13.2 gal, 105 16oz Beers or 140 12oz Beers                                                                                .                  Delivery Available

Ca (Cash) Up to 3.5% discount when using CASH, Venmo,Cash App Zelle or Google Pay

Bud /Bud Lt Ca$132.99 $137.99
Coors Lt Ca$139.99 $144.99
Corona Extra Ca$204.99 $212.99
Corona Lt Ca$204.99 $212.99
Guiness 50L Ca$239.99 $248.99
Heineken 50L Ca$212.99 $220.99
Landshark Ca$164.99 $170.99
Mic Ultra Ca$154.99 $160.99
Miller Lt Ca$139.99 $144.99
Modelo Ca$209.99 $217.99
Stella 50L Ca$208.99 $216.99
Weihenstephan 50L Ca$214.99 $222.99
Yuengling Ca$139.99 $144.99

the Keg King Tap Rental

1/4 kegs, 30L, 7.75-8.1 Gal, 65 16oz beers or 84 12oz Beers
Ca (Cash) Cr (Credit)
Bells 2 Hearted Ale Ca$125.99 $130.99
Coors Lt Ca$89.99 $93.99
Corona Extra Ca$114.99 $119.99
Corona Lt Ca$114.99 $119.99
Founders All Day IPA Ca$135.99 $140.99
Modelo Especial Ca$119.99 $124.99
Modelo Negra Ca$119.99 $124.99
Miller Lt Ca$89.99 $93.99
Peroni Ca$129.99 $134.99
Pacifico Ca$124.99 $129.99
Yuengling Ca$89.99 $93.99

 Seasonal 1/6 kegs

1/6 Keg, 20L, 5.2 Gal, 41 16oz beers or 55 12oz beers
Ca (Cash) Cr (Credit)
26 Degrees IPA1A Ca$107.99 $111.99
Ballast Point Sculpin’ IPA Ca$139.99 $144.99
Barrel of Monks Wizard Wit Ca$102.99 $106.99
Bangin Banjo OJ Session IA Ca$109.99 $113.99
Bangin Banjo Toasted Coconut Ca$116.99 $121.99
Big Storm Arcus IPA Ca$111.99 $115.99
Biscayne Bay Double 9 IPA Ca$164.99 $170.99
Biscayne Bay Kapitans’ Kolsch Ca$109.99 $113.99
Blue Moon Belgium Wheat Ca$96.99 $100.99
BluePoint Tosted Lager Ca$99.99 $103.99
Budweiser Discovery Reserve Red Lager Ca$83.99 $86.99
Bud /Bud Lt Ca$62.99 $65.99
Broski Passion Fruit Ca$110.99 $114.99
Central 28 Ms Mary Brown Ale Ca$109.99 $113.99
Clown Shoes Zen Garden IPA Ca$145.99 $151.99
Clown Shoes Baked Goods Ca$129.99 $134.99
Collective Arts IPA No.9 Ca$169.99 $175.99
Collective Arts Life In The Clouds Ca$149.99 $155.99
Copperpoint One Love Ca$129.99 $134.99
Coppertail Sorcha O’ Sullivan Ca$97.99 $101.99
Civil Society Blondes Make Me Hoppy w/Mosaic Ca$149.99 $155.99
Civil Society Fresh Ca$159.99 $165.99
Civil Society Signs Pilsner Ca$144.99 $139.99
Cigar City After Sesh Lager Ca$105.99 $109.99
Cigar City Florida Cracker Ca$92.99 $96.99
Cigar City Jai Alai Ca$101.99 $105.99
Cigar City Maduro Ca$97.99 $101.99
Cycle Cream & Sugar Please Stout Ca$104.99 $108.99
Dale’s Pale Ale Ca$89.99 $93.99
Devour Hefe On Vacation Ca$116.99 $121.99
Devour Visual Chaos Ca$134.99 $139.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA Ca$119.99 $123.99
Dogfish Flesh & Blood Ca$124.99 $129.99
Dos Equis Lager Ca$96.99 $100.99
Duck Rabbit Amber Ale Ca$119.99 $124.99
Due South Caramel Cream Ca$94.99 $98.99
Due South Category 3 Ca$99.99 $103.99
Due South Throwin’ Shade NEIPA Ca$134.99 $139.99
Elysian Space Dust IPA Ca$114.99 $119.99
Fat Tire Ca$97.99 $101.99
Funky Buddha Cosmic Journey Ca$124.99 $129.99
Funky Buddha Floridian Ca$89.99 $93.99
Funky Buddha Vibin Ca$93.99 $97.99
Florida Keys Honey Bottomed Blonde Ca$119.99 $124.99
Florida Keys Iguana Bait Ca$109.99 $113.99
Florida Keys SpearFish Ca$104.99 $108.99
Guiness Ca$114.99 $119.99
Heineken Ca$109.99 $113.99
Heretic Make America Juicy Again Ca$149.99 $155.99
Hollywood Mango IPA Ca$1047.99 $111.99
Hollywood Rocket Trip 2x IPA Ca$139.99 $144.99
Holy Mackerel Special Golden Ale Ca$124.99 $129.99
Hoplife Reel Lite Lager Ca$79.99 $82.99
Inlet Monk In The Trunk Amber Ale Ca$99.99 $103.99
Islamorada Citrus Ale Ca$104.99 $108.99
Islamorada Sandbar Sunday Ca$104.99 $108.99
JDubs Poolside Kolsch Ca$114.99 $119.99
J.Wakefield Hop 4 Teacher Ca$124.99 $129.99
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Ca$151.99 $157.99
Kentucky Vanilla Cream Ale Ca$129.99 $134.99
Khoffner FolknStein Hefe Ca$119.99 $124.99
Khoffner Vollbier German Pilsner Ca$95.99 $99.99
Knee Deep Citra Lights Pale Ale Ca$124.99 $129.99
Knee Deep No Seeds No Stems 3XIPA Ca$169.99 $175.99
Kona Big Wave Ca$98.99 $102.99
Kona Longboard Ca$98.99 $102.99
Landshark Ca$79.99 $82.99
Lion Stout Ca$139.99 $144.99
Lord Hobo Boom Sauce Ca$149.99 $155.99
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ca$119.99 $124.99
Matthews Florida Haze Ca$132.99 $137.99
MIA El Cuco American IPA Ca$129.99 $134.99
MIA 305 Golden Ale Ca$99.99 $103.99
Mic Amber Ca$77.99 $80.99
Mic Ultra Ca$77.99 $80.99
Narragansett Del’s Shandy Ca$95.99 $99.99
NightLife 90 Mile Pale Ale Ca$114.99 $119.99
NOBO French Vanilla Coffee Porter Ca$134.99 $139.99
NOBO My Schwartz Is Bigger Than Yours Ca$119.99 $124.99
North Coast Red Seal Ale Ca$122.99 $127.99
Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Ca$104.99 $108.99
Oskar Blues Wild Basin Classic Lime Ca$99.99 $103.99
Peak Organic IPA Ca$119.99 $124.99
Prosperity Clutchplate IPA Ca$134.99 $139.99
Rough Draft Hop Therapy Ca$149.99 $155.99
Rough Draft Weekend Ale Ca$144.99 $150.99
Sailfish Tag & Release Ca$114.99 $119.99
Saltwater Screamin’ Reels IPA Ca$99.99 $103.99
Sam Adams Boston Lager Ca$96.99 $100.99
Sam Adams Sam ’76 Ca$96.99 $100.99
Sam Adams Summer Ale Ca$99.99 $103.99
Sea Dog Blue Paw Ca$99.99 $103.99
Shock Top Belgium White Ca$86.99 $90.99
Sixpoint Sparkler IPA Ca$164.99 $170.99
South Beach Brewing Blood Orange Sunset IPA Ca$124.99 $129.99
Stone Espresso Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout Ca$179.99 $186.99
Stella Ca$98.99 $102.99
Tampa Bay Double Coast Lager Ca$99.99 $103.99
Tampa Bay Reef Donkey Ca$107.99 $111.99
Tomoka Hazy Sunrise Wheat Ale Ca$114.99 $119.99
Tomoka McCarthy’s Irish Red Ca$119.99 $124.99
Veza Sur Mangolandia Blonde Ale Ca$104.99 $108.99
Victory Dirtwolf Ca$124.99 $129.99
Weyerbacher Merry Monks Ca$134.99 $139.99
Weyerbacher Sexy Mother Pucker Ca$139.99 $144.99
Wynwood La Rubia Ca$101.99 $105.99
Wynwood Pops Porter Ca$104.99 $108.99
Wynwood Rickenbacker Pils Ca$105.99 $109.99

Current Inventory