Biscayne Bay Double 9 IPA
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Biscayne Bay Double 9 IPA

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Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.
Florida, United States Style: American Imperial IPAAlcohol by volume (ABV): 9.20%

After 18th century brewers discovered that hops and higher alcohol were the keys to preserving beer during ocean voyages, it became necessary to aggressively hop beers sent to warmer climates. We couldn’t agree more and today celebrate that momentous discovery in brewing history with our double nine india pale ale. This rocky mountain style ipa is so big, bold and charged with hops it deserves its own snifter. This is a serious beer for seasoned ibu aficionados as well as the daring first timer. Built on an intensely malty foundation counterbalancing a lasting grapefruit finish, the double nine ipa is not easily forgotten by any palate. Rigorously hopped using an array of several hop varieties that combined produce a pungent citrus-driven hop infusion, this is the ipa you’ve been preparing for. Named after the “doble nueve,” the double nine domino chip, it is the biggest and boldest play you can make. This beer will get you started and will satisfy your palate until the last sip, or until you are ready to slam down that last “ficha.”

Biscayne Bay Double 9 IPA