• CO2 Refilling (Sizes 2.5lb to 20lb Tanks)
• Beer Mix available
• Paintball CO2 Tanks Refilled
• Hydro-Testing of Tanks
• CO2 Beer Tanks Available for Purchase (5lb tanks only)

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CO2 Refills:

Prices represent Cash prices!

Size of cylinder Refill$ Buy$
1oz-24oz CO2 Cylinder $7.99 N/A
25oz-2.5lb. Co2 Cylinder $9.99 N/A
5lb. Co2 Iron Cylinder $19.99 $99.99 includes fill
10lb. Co2 Iron Cylinder $29.99 N/A
20lb. Co2 Iron Cylinder $39.99 N/A

We only refill Co2 cylinders so if you want your cylinder refilled, Stop on by. We also have beer mix available!!  Please see below for more information on Hydro Testing.

Hydro Testing:

Hydrostatic (Hydro) testing of all cylinders is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) every 5 years. Your cylinder is stamped with a month and date of its last Hydro test, or the date it was manufactured if it has not been re-tested yet. The test includes removing the valve and testing the cylinder for pressure, checking for cracks and a visual inspection of the inside of the cylinder.

Size of cylinder On site Hydro $ Of site Hydro $
All Cylinder $N/A $34.99


Hydro Testing:

• Offsite Hydro tests are required. You must leave your cylinder with us for
approximately 2 weeks for us to test it.