Beer Keg Policies

The Keg King Policies

Anyone who wishes to rent a keg or any keg supplies from us must be 21 or older. (No duh; It’s the LAW!) The person picking up the keg must provide a photo ID. If you bring any buddies with you, we’re going to card them as well, so make sure everyone’s got proper ID.

Valid forms of ID must be current, acceptable forms include a state driver’s license, a non-driver’s ID card, a military ID, or a passport. Your friend’s dads uncle’s kids card will not count, and we can’t take scouts honor, pinky swears, social security cards or birth certificates, either.

The guy or gal who signs and pays for the keg accepts all responsibility for the keg and its related supplies; if you sign, you’re the one who’s gonna have to chase away those pesky minors wantin’ to do keg stands, flip cup, Javier and play beer pong, so make sure you’re man or woman enough to defend the beer before you sign! We are carding YOU, not the freaky friends, neighbors, family and the strange guy who is acting like your friend because the authorities will hold YOU responsible for any naughty shenanigans which may occur.

By the way, we will also hold YOU responsible for any damage to the keg, the tap, or the bucket we loan you. So treat them like it’s your own, with care, respect, gratitude and admiration.  You want to love it because it just possibly made you the coolest person in the world, plus it gives you ice cold beer. Just don’t get too fond of them; we want them back, after all.