The Keg King is centrally located in Broward County for the men and women who love beer and wine.

Beer Delivery:

Because Beer Kegs are heavy and about 158-162 pounds for a full domestic/imported keg we will deliver it to your home, business, park, boat or where ever you want it to celebrate reunions, graduations, birthdays, Holidays, funerals, super bowls or if you don’t have one click here for thousands of excuses By the way We don’t just deliver, we will set up and test the keg for your event or if you have a kegerator or a beer dispenser, we will swap the kegs out for you.

Keg Cleaning:

Beer scholars say you should clean the tap and lines every time you replace your keg or 3 months. The Keg King also offers tap and beer line cleaning starting at $45.00 If you would like to clean it yourself you can stop by the store or we can deliver a cleaning kit and supplies with you new keg. For instructions on how click here.

Co2 Sales/Refills

• CO2 Refilling (Sizes 2.5lb to 20lb tanks)
• Paintball CO2 Tanks Refilled
• SodaStream
• Hydro-testing of tanks
• CO2 Beer Tanks available for purchase


We have all the parts you can need to keep your kegerator working. Parts are available at the store or online.